About Me

Published work:

In 2020 I published my first collection of children’s poetry titled Kad bi Zvijezde Govorile. The book, written in Serbian language (Latin alphabet), was printed, and published here, in Canada. There are 31 poems in this collection, and all are illustrated by a professional artist. I personally illustrated some parts of the book, including the cover page. Two of our three girls also generously contributed to this project. Their artwork (various character illustrations) is featured on each page of this collection.

Education and background:

I was born in 1982 in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. When I was fourteen my family moved to Canada where I’ve been living, studying, and working since. I began my post-secondary journey at Seneca College where I studied law for two years and graduated as a law clerk. It wasn’t long after I started working as a law clerk that I decided I wanted to go back to school. My next stop was University of Windsor where I studied for four years and graduated with the bachelor’s degree in English Language and Literature. As an undergraduate student I worked with a political science professor researching and translating articles. At the same time, I also volunteered in schools where I discovered my passion for teaching and working with students. From there I moved to Nipissing, a small town north of Toronto, to pursue a degree in education. In 2008 I received my bachelor of education from Nipissing University. My passion for teaching and learning grew with time and my teaching experience. I engaged in professional development and continuous education, taught multiple subjects in both private and public schools, and worked with different age groups. Today I work as a certified teacher for one of Ontario’s largest public-school boards. My additional qualifications include Special Education and ESL.

In 2023 I graduated with a Master’s degree in Education at Nipissing University. This two-year-program was a wonderful and enriching experience for me because I learned to apply education theory to teaching methods and use research information and personal experience to critically reflect on present education policies and classroom practices. 

Hobbies and interests:

As a very curious person I’ve always had a range of interests and hobbies. Reading books, writing poetry and short stories, acting, cake-decorating, painting, baking, and knitting are only some of them.